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Lotis Melisande Key (SAG/AFTRA) has lived a life of wide travel and curious variety.

After a professional theater début at the age of twelve, she subsequently starred in over seventy five feature films for the Asian market. She has also hosted numerous television and radio shows. Upon settling in the United States, she signed with Chicago, New York, and Minneapolis based talent agencies, expanding into American on-camera and voice over narration, industrial videos, trade shows, theater, television and radio commercials.

Expanding her territory, she raised horses in the Australian outback, skied the Alps, ran horse riding tours through a tropical jungle, bought & sold antiquities. She’s been a restaurateur, a breeder of show cats, a third-world church planter. She’s worked in an orphanage and run a ministry schooling homeless children. As producer and artistic director, she founded a theater group called Messengers, and toured her productions across the United States, Canada, and Asia.

Lotis has two adopted children: Abbey Key and Wesley So.

These days she can be found accompanying GM Wesley So, to chess tournaments around the globe.


Lotis has written two novels:

A Song for the Wild Place

A Thing Devoted


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